Of Dogs and Pigs

This is what happens when you love,

Out of turn.


Petroluem Venus.

Patron saint to doe eyed girls everywhere.


To determine the weight of your love,

The worth of his touch, on your skin.

Your breath,

Warm mist in the sharp chill of the morning.



Proof of life.


Her eyes,

Black vapid pools,

Quiver slightly,

as if reflecting a flame,

lit somewhere in the distance.

Trial by fire.



Nothing but the distant flicker in her eyes.

Below black frayed flesh,

A 7 month bulge.


Her husbands laughter.


So that he may save you,

Possess you,

Baptise you,

Wash you in holy water,

The sweat of his body.


As he watches the flames trace lines on her skin,

That he once traced with his fingers.


Bare chest, brandishing,

A kerosene licked heart shaped tatoo.

He tells the man down the road not to bother us,

Explaining, we have come from the hospital,

Not to take away stray dogs and pigs.

Proof of love.