Stable boy

You have returned,
from some forgotten landscape.

Flailing hands.
Smiling maniacal bliss.

Confetti red in your wake,
like a warm summer spell.



The girl I talk to,
Says she loves me with all her heart,
But that its blue,
And on the wrong side.

When I see her next,
It begins to rain,
Slow streaks of blue form,
And fall from her.

I fumble,trying to catch,

All of the pieces I can see,
And those that I cannot.

The Somnabulist

Where do you go to darling,
When your love is lost;
Floating in a leaf boat,
Down a quarry fringed with quartz.

Take me back to the morning,
The light in which we met,
Your hair was all honey,
We spoke of dying and the dead.

Where do you go to darling,
With your faded rag doll;
She said one time too many,
“Go ahead, take it all”.

Kindly you offer your hands,
To the somnabulist lost to the sea;
You knew her when she was all honey,
What if, its not you she needs.

What if, its you she needs.

What if its you she needs.

For you, I’d lie

I broke,

Failing in all the ways,

They said I would.

Dripping down the street,

Painting pictures in my sleep

And if I could,

For you,

I’d lie


People who see me,

Shake their heads and sigh.

They imagine the blood from his lips,

Has run streaks in my sky.

They gift me puzzles from a time,

That would not keep-

That were not mine.


I laughed.

Two months – tight bound,

Only to find,

I have woken in a bed,

That isn’t mine.

And as much as I want to,

I know,

I would be no good for you.

Failing in all the ways,

They said I would.

The flood

Dust has settled.

Though if you look closely,

Marks like those,

Never really leave.

The land has morphed,

In truth,

It is all we have.

The ground has stopped,



It will return though,

As we both know,

Dams and bridges can tame nothing.

You think by now you would have realised-

Low lying areas flood first.