Paper dream

Outside your window,

Sounds, of people moving towards each other.


Headlights paint your walls

As we lie in darkness,


Sharing a single paper dream.


Such childish notions of love,

Of belonging.


If I knew then,

Would I have been so careless with my kisses?


Would you?


I have no more need for war,

Create instead from what is broken.


Blood origami.


She Said

I am so happy for you.


She’s very pretty.

Have you spoken to your parents yet?

You should definitely get married soon.

At least by next year.

You know, my friends thought we were cute together.


Of course this needs to end.

Sugar Cane Juice

Your past,

Swirls around me,

Licks my toes and disappears

Like froth, that piggybacks on waves.

Your past,

Blows salt through my hair

Small crystals, armor plate my ears

From sounds, which are neither you, nor I.

In some parallel place

Your past has us pouring over poetry by night

Riding the last train home,

Drunk, on sugar cane juice.

In some parallel place

I’d know your beardless face

Trace metal in our blood

As we walked around the abyss.

In some parallel place, you return home

Lie awake and wonder

How it is you can smell me on your skin

When we had not even touched.

Of Dogs and Pigs

This is what happens when you love,

Out of turn.


Petroluem Venus.

Patron saint to doe eyed girls everywhere.


To determine the weight of your love,

The worth of his touch, on your skin.

Your breath,

Warm mist in the sharp chill of the morning.



Proof of life.


Her eyes,

Black vapid pools,

Quiver slightly,

as if reflecting a flame,

lit somewhere in the distance.

Trial by fire.



Nothing but the distant flicker in her eyes.

Below black frayed flesh,

A 7 month bulge.


Her husbands laughter.


So that he may save you,

Possess you,

Baptise you,

Wash you in holy water,

The sweat of his body.


As he watches the flames trace lines on her skin,

That he once traced with his fingers.


Bare chest, brandishing,

A kerosene licked heart shaped tatoo.

He tells the man down the road not to bother us,

Explaining, we have come from the hospital,

Not to take away stray dogs and pigs.

Proof of love.

Cold Water

I am searching for a way to bid you farewell.

Your constant search for a home,

Your carefully curated old mans soul,

The slow restless energy, trapped deep within your bones.

The whiskey cured rumble of your voice.

Utterances, so restrained that when you spoke,

You spoke only in riddles.

Your kisses, deep and full,

Like you were drinking full swallows of the coldest water.

Is there anything better than cold water? You’d say

I am searching for a way to bid you farewell.

You, the master of careless behavior-

For all that was left unsaid in the morning light

While the storm raged quietly outside

And what if I can’t find the words?

No knots to loosen with my hands?

No letters or poems to cast aside?

What then?

Shall I ask you to leave?


The girl I talk to,
Says she loves me with all her heart,
But that its blue,
And on the wrong side.

When I see her next,
It begins to rain,
Slow streaks of blue form,
And fall from her.

I fumble,trying to catch,

All of the pieces I can see,
And those that I cannot.